Exercise Activities for Kids
Children used to play for as long as they could, begging their mum for 5 more minutes because they are at a really important bit in the game of hide and seek! Then with the improvement of entertainment technology the next generations of children were encouraged to sit at a computer and play their games safely in doors. Kids TV also played its roll and as a parent you could be forgiven to have seen the easy opportunity to get a bit of peace and quiet. But as this continued and the games became more involved and complicated to complete, children’s lives became more and more sedentary. We are not saying video games are bad, not at all, in fact we think that technology should be embraced but not abused.
We seriously need to do something about our children’s sedentary lifestyle. Childhood obesity is at an all time high, and the figures increase every year, considering the effects of obesity not just medically but psychologically, this should really be termed a pandemic!
So this technology is here, there is nothing we can do about it, we need to embrace it, There is no point in telling your son to put down his Xbox controller where he is controlling his David Beckham avatar in the champions league final and replace that with kicking a ball against a wall, Or to stop playing call of duty black ops in exchange for a wooden rifle where you have to make your own gun noises. Instead we need to make exercise as exciting for our kids as their computer games are. Their imagination is still alive and well, we need to engage it. If your child could take part in ‘the apprentice’ or ‘the biggest loser’ or ‘total wipeout’ they would jump at the chance. So why not add themes to the activity, get them involved in a real life simulation of a TV show.
If you are a gym, you have a massive responsibility here. You have the facilities, the knowledge, the staff, the contacts and the time to make a difference in your community. If you currently do not offer a kids program and I mean really offer one, not just lip service to get more adult members. Then you are grossly robbing your community of an invaluable service. As a parent you have to think out the box a little bit more, put a bit of effort in to making the activities sound as interesting as you can, what is your child interested in? what activity is similar to that and where in your area can you take them to get involved.
Getting and keeping your children active is possibly one of the most rewarding things you can do. They will feel better, look better, take ill less, be more confident and are much more likely to keep this healthy habits going and pass them on to their kids, so the actions you take now, with your kids, could solve the UK obesity problem!!
Paul Duffy from Burn It Boot Camp, a Scottish based fitness business said ‘We offer every school in the UK a free voucher for a health day every year, and run kids health camps in the style of the TV program Biggest Loser, in order to engage them in a healthy active lifestyle. We have found parents get stressed about their kids health because the know something needs to get done but don’t know what to do to help them’ See the whats on Guide for the next Burn It Kids Camp

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