We live in a world where stress has become second nature. We have to find a way to de-stress as we cannot continue without finding something that we enjoy that perhaps can help in some way to de-stress. We owe this to ourselves. Even if it means setting a goal for a few months ahead so that you have something to plan for and take your mind off the things that stress us. Each person has their own personal “things” that cause them to stress, no two people are the same.

  1. Visit a beautiful island

Source: Thanda Island

If travelling helps you to destress, there is no other place in the world that can help you to do so like Thanda Island can. With its luxury island accommodation, the island is known to be one of the world’s most exclusive islands, a little piece of heaven on earth for you to enjoy on your own, with your own thoughts, own space, own tranquility or should you prefer you can share the experience with family or friends. It is a tropical island with one luxurious villa and two Tanzanian Banda off the east coast of Tanzania. Take your time relaxing in the gloriously blue sea or enjoying the warmth against your skin while you soak up the sun. Nothing like the beauty of nature to heal your soul and de-stress your inner being.

  1. Book a spa day

A spa day is the perfect way to de-stress and take out all the worries from your mind and tired muscles. No matter where you may live, you will find the perfect spa that will meet your every need. Find out as much information as you can on the spa’s in the area and what packages they offer. If you are stressed you would want a package that meets that need to help with relieving stress, cleansing, purifying, detoxifying and rejuvenating your body. Most spas allow their clients to “design” a more personal type of package that suits their needs, call and discuss this with them. Most spa’s now offer a couple’s spa experience should you wish to share this with your spouse or partner.

  1. Take a walk in nature

Taking a walk in nature has proven that it helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression and so much more. A walk in nature helps us to connect with ourselves, re-root our thoughts, cleanse our minds take in the clean oxygen and beauty around us. Whether you choose to take a walk along the coast line or sit on the banks of a river in a magical forest with just your thoughts, what more could you wish for to help rejuvenate your spirit. If this is not really your way of relaxing, find what is, maybe a lovely candlelit bath with soft music in the background as we all need to find a way to de-stress and often feel selfish when we take time out for ourselves.

  1. Get creative

In a world where we are so busy with everything around us, we forget the talents we may have. There is no time like the present to go back and either rekindle those talents or find a new one. Get creative in your thinking, try things you have never done before or have secretly had on your bucket list of ‘things’ to do, like: an art class; an exotic cooking class; dance classes; building a zen garden; learning how to meditate and maybe learning to knit or sew. All these are therapeutic and de-stressing and at the same time bringing out the creative side of yourself.

  1. Visit and see friends

Get in touch or visit with old friend or new friends. Connect with someone that you know is always so easy to talk and laugh with and who makes you feel better every time you see them. We all have that special someone and some of us are fortunate to have a few. At times we get so caught up in our own stressful lives that we forget that when we see an old friend we learn that we are not in this alone. Each one has their own stress that they carry and often we find that whilst talking to them about ours, we also listen to theirs and suddenly we have helped each other to open the bag, take out all the troubles, voice them, deal with them and suddenly we feel a weight lift from our shoulders. Not only did they help you, you in turn have helped them. The stress does not feel as heavy as it did before you met up with that crazy friend of yours, with a sense of humor that makes things seem not as big as they were before meeting them.


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