Do you know how to blog profitably yet? If not, then did you know there are certain rules to blogging that will help you? You could call it a blog blueprint. When you follow it correctly it will ensure your success. Knowing where, when and how to blog correctly is the secret.
Knowing where to post is the first thing. Take for example a social network site such as Facebook. While it is a great place to put a link back to your blog, it is not great for blogging itself. So why is Facebook not a great place to blog? For starters the website is not set up for it.. When you send a message it shows up on your friend’s page and it may not be well received. Use WordPress or Blogger for blogging.
There is a time to post and a time not to post. It is all part of your blog blueprint. Try not to post late at night because many people could miss out on it. Know your audience and try posting at the same time each day or every couple of days. Remember, you may not be able to write every single day for some reason so have a set number of blogs for the week and stick with that schedule.
How you post is an individual choice which is critical to your success. The length and frequency of your posts may be governed by your time or by your ability to express yourself. Whatever that may mean to you, the real question is, are you getting enough visitors to your blog? If not, then you may be sunk.
Having said that, there is a solution. A specific blog blueprint that takes care of where to blog, when to blog and, how frequently. Not only that, if you follow it you will also know how to get links to your original page and traffic to your individual blog posts.

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