Have you heard about the wonders of Negative Calorie? If not, please read on because I am going to share with you some foods that will make you lose weight.

Negative Calorie Food

Negative Calorie is a concept that there are certain foods that require you to burn more calorie to digest them. As a result, you are actually using more calorie than you consume. Think of it, this means that the more you eat, the more calorie you are going to burn.

Actually this is not a new concept. It has been scientifically proven that foods such as celery indeed has negative calorie. This is because these foods are difficult to be digested. Therefore, your body will need to put in extra effort when digesting these foods.

Eating negative or low calorie is so useful because you can ensure that your body receive sufficient nutrient when dieting. Many people choose to starve when they are trying to lose weight. What we are doing here is different. We eat when we want to lose weight. This ensures that our body will not be weak and will remain healthy when losing weight.

Here is a list of negative calorie foods:



Hot Chilli





As you can see, negative calorie foods are mostly vegetable and apple. Therefore it is indeed true that when you want to lose weight, eat less meat and more vegetables.

Hope that you enjoyed reading this article and have learned something today. Take action now and start losing weight.


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