When you go to Southeast Asia for a vacation, you are sure to encounter a completely new and different culture and way of life. Experiencing Vietnam Holidays are no exception. While in Vietnam, there are plenty of cities, beaches, and historical sites to see. First, however, you need to get there! Once you are in the country, you will also need to get around. Following is a basic guide for getting to and around the beautiful country of Vietnam.
First, in order to even get in the country to enjoy your Vietnam Holidays, when you travel form certain countries such as the United States and England, you will need a valid visa, issued by the Vietnamese embassy of your home country. Visas are inexpensive, generally around $35, but do not expect to be allowed entry if you skip this crucial step. You can take advantage of one of Vietnam’s several international airports and fly into the country. Other travelers from points in Southeast Asia come in via train or road at specified border crossing points.
Once you are in Vietnam and ready to enjoy your Vietnam Holidays, you will need a way to get around the country to really make the most of your trip and enjoy the culture. Getting around Vietnam can be accomplished by several different means. First, to visit different cities in Vietnam, you can take a domestic flight within the country. These are often short (under two hours) and inexpensive (under $80 USD with all taxes and fees included).
Obviously, this is the fastest way to make your way around Vietnam. Another popular way to travel within Vietnam is by train. There is a major railway that runs between Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south. This is approximately a 30-hour train ride through the countryside; in many cases you can arrange for overnight stays at popular destinations along the way. When taking this train trip, be sure to book a sleeper car; otherwise, your trip will be no more comfortable than being on a bus.
Other than planes and trains, during your Vietnam Holidays you can also travel by bus (including tour buses), by hiring a car with a driver (Vietnam does not recognize international driver’s licenses), by bicycle, or even by boat. The appropriate option for your trip depends on your destination, your budget, and your desires for your Asian holiday.

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