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Earlier while planning for a trip, the booking for a flight had to be made very soon, as the cost used to rise with the closeness of the departure date. Now the upcoming of various travel websites which offer tickets with some discounts, has made it possible to get the tickets which are booked at last minute to be cheaper than those booked in advance. The main cause for getting such a discount is that when an airline has some vacant seats in any of its flight, in order to fill those seats it will often reduce the airfare at the last moment with the hope that those seats will also get filled.
These kinds of websites have some kind of bargain with the airlines, so various travel websites should be researched for finding the best rate ticket to travel on last minute. It may be that some sites cannot give you the rate you want so you should check all the sites and compare the prices offered by them for the best deal.
Log-in to the travel website of your choice offering some discount. For getting the tickets at the lowest price, make a booking on any weekday, which is around two to four weeks prior to your travel date. Click the tab named like “Flights”. Now enter details like number of travelers, departure date, departure city, return date, destination city and search for available flights by clicking on the tab named “Search Flights”. Check for the cheapest flight from the search result displayed to you.
By following these steps you can find the cheapest possible flight. Every site need not be visited on the internet for finding the best priced ticket. Even extremely cheap flights at last minute could also be found. These websites such as Travelocity, Priceline, Expedia, Cheaptickets and Orbitz would display you the cheap flights available.

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