Image result for Google Maps Now Lets You Share Your Live Location and ETA for Bus, Train JourneysThe new update is an extension to the first Share Location feature that is intended to let users share their real time location whilst navigating to a particular place. While the feature to share live location and ETA for bus and train journeys is originally limited to Android devices, it is expected to debut on iOS at the approaching future. Meanwhile, you have to have the updated Google Maps program on your Android apparatus to go through the new attribute.
Together with the latest Google Maps update, you are able to share the progress of your bus or train trip with your loved ones. To share your bus or train excursion, visit the Transit tab after adding your destination, then empower navigation to get an appropriate route from the listing, then tap the Share Trip button in the bottom-right corner. This brings the record of contacts with whom you need to talk about your own live site. You can also select a third-party program from the list, such as WhatsApp, Hangouts, or Messenger to share your live place and ETA.

We could spot the ability to talk about live place and ETA for bus and train journeys on the updated Google Maps for Android. The same feature is yet to debut iOS, though. Regardless, it is likely to reach Apple devices in the coming days.

The newest feature comes notably comes as an expansion into the first Chat Location attribute which Google brought back in March this past year. The original feature was aimed to allow users share their real time location while navigating to your destination. Last month, Google Maps brought the ETA sharing attribute to iOS and added the option to share trip advancement through third party programs like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


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