Google Suspends 'Updates for Samsung' Scam App That Was Downloaded 10 Million Times

Google has suspended a fraudulent Cellular app on the Google Play Store Known as’Upgrades for Samsung’ for Breaking up Its Own policies that claimed to offer system-level Android updates to smartphones.

In a statement on Monday, Google said that”providing a safe and secure experience is a high priority and our Google Play programmer policies strictly prohibit apps which are deceitful, malicious, or planned to abuse or abuse any network, device, or personal information. When violations are found, we take action”, ” The Verge reported.

Additionally, the programmer of this app in a statement to BleepingComputer claimed it was yanking the program to”eliminate the firmware service portion and non Google payments”, although it said that the app was a”convenience to our audience”.

In an official communication, CSIS Security Group indicated that as many as 10 million users were duped into downloading this app from the Google Play Store. When reported of last week, the Updates for Samsung program was listed on Google Play. It has now been eliminated.

The CSIS report said the program offered a free download with limited speed limitations of 56KBps, which took around four hours to finish a download more than 500MB in size. CSIS’s report

Many users inside their reviews on the Google Play list stated that despite making paymentsthey weren’t able to download the firmware packages. Similar was the case with all the CSIS Security Group team which wasn’t able to finish the downloads at the time of testing the program.

The app also claims to let users unlock their SIM cards for any operator by paying 19.99 (roughly Rs. 1,400). However, it handles the transaction to the SIM unlock service through an informal source – not via Google Play subscriptions.


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