So, it’s that time, you are in the market for a new digital camera. Exciting! The only problem is that when you go to the electronics store to look at them you are overwhelmed by the choices and some of them won’t even let you experiment with their full function because they have so many pictures on them from prospective buyers snapping photos of the other cameras or other random things in the store. So, you may be wondering, what is the key to buying a good digital camera? Well, here are some tips that are guaranteed to make your camera buying experience a successful one.

Guide to Buying a Digital Camera

Study up! The best way to go into a store to buy a camera is to be prepared. You should surf the web and browse through magazines and get some ideas about what you think you may want. Another great idea is to ask around to your friends and family. If you have a friend or family member that has a camera that seems to take pretty good pictures, you should ask them if they like it. And if they do like it, what do they like about it?

After you’ve studied up, you should probably determine what exactly you are looking for in a camera. Do you need a camera that is small and portable? Is high-print quality important to you? How easy should it be to upload and email pictures with it? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself to help you determine what type of camera is your perfect match.

Think about mega pixels. Mega pixels play a part in the quality of the picture when you print it. If you have a camera that has too few mega pixels, then the image will become blurred or distorted if you try to enlarge it before and after you print it. If you’re only planning on uploading and email the pictures then 2 mega pixels are plenty. But, if you plan to do a lot of printing, then the higher the mega pixels, the better the quality of the prints.

Figure out what types of camera are compatible with your computer. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a camera that does not let you upload, store, or email with your particular computer.

Zoom is important. You should consider purchasing a camera that has a good optical zoom. You never know when you will want to take a picture of something that is far away or you will need to take more than a few steps back to get everyone in the picture. By purchasing a camera with a great optical zoom you are ensuring that you will be able to capture all of life’s moments.

Consider your budget. You should always go into your camera buying experience with a budget in mind, and you should always consider your budget when you are doing your homework. It doesn’t do you any good to fall in love with a camera that is way out of your budget.

If you can, try before you buy. Sometimes the cameras that are on display have been messed with so much that they really don’t seem to do the camera justice. If are serious about buying a camera, then you should see if the sales representative will let you test a camera right out of the box. And you shouldn’t just take pictures of the other cameras on display! You should take picture of people and experiment with the zoom. To make a sale, most sales representatives will be more than happy to pose for a picture or two.


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