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Even the pets, especially dog and cats, can travel safely to different parts of a country. But it is important to know that not all the flights allow pets to travel by air. So if you are interested in taking your pet for an air travel then you must consult the concerned airline before making any plans. There are certain policies laid down which are must to be fulfilled.
So there are some regulations on the number of times a pet can travel. These are set by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Therefore to ensure the safety of your pet one has to abide by all the rules.
How To Transport Your Pet
There are a different ways to transport your pet by air.
1. As some of the airlines allow carrying the pets in the cabin but the pet must remain inside the carrier throughout the journey. But if you are taking any other pet accept dogs and cats then you have to consult the concerned airline. You have to obey the FAA rules.
2. The second way is that some airlines allow the pet to be carried along with the luggage. But it is important to that the passenger has to travel with the pet it cannot be transported alone.
3. Another option is that the pet can be transported as “Live Animals” which means that the pet can travel either by cargo channels or special services provided by the airlines. Some airlines provide the facility of appointing a specialist for dealing with the customer’s queries.
These were simply the ways how you can transport your pet by air. But you need to understand that even the pets must be prepared before boarding the flight. The first thing to remember is that your pet must be fit enough so that it can bear the stress of long journey. Also feed him two hours before the flight takes off.
The most important thing is that the pet container should be proper and well ventilated. You can provide proper food and water facilities for efficient journey. Nowadays many pet areas have also been arranged while catching the connecting flights. Therefore it has become quite easy to take your pet wherever you go.
This was all about the pet traveling tips for you. So hope you would enjoy a good experience of traveling with your pet. All the best and have a splendid journey with your family and pet.

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