Sources near The Hollywood Reporter state that Cavill and Warner Bros.. Have parted ways after contract talks within a cameo in Shazam! fell through. Moreover, the studio is not planning a Man of Steel movie for”a long time” and is rather focused on that the Supergirl movie that was revealed back in August.Henry Cavill Is Out as Superman in DC Movies: Report

The studio, meanwhile, remains coy on the matter. In a statement issued following the THR report, it stated:”We have a great relationship and fantastic esteem for Henry Cavill that continues to stay unchanged. Additionally, we have made no present decisions regarding any upcoming Superman films.”

Later on Wednesday, Cavill submitted a mysterious video for his Instagram accounts — put to a version of Johann Strauss II’s famous classical article,”The Blue Danube”, featuring a dog barking into the tune — where the British celebrity slowly raises a Superman action figure to the frame as he looks into the camera, then slowly lowers it out of the frame. The caption? “Now was thrilling #Superman”.

“Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you need to look at new performers,” an unnamed studio origin told THR. Other resources paint a conflicting picture of Cavill’s death, with one asserting that it had been scheduling conflicts with that his recently-announced casting in Netflix’s forthcoming The Witcher serieswhile another says that Netflix deal was only reached after Warner Bros. decided not to make a solo Superman film.

The fiscal and continued crucial disappointment of the previous one prompted executive reshuffling in Warner Bros. and DC, that has since been seeking a new approach to superhero fare.

The upcoming release slate includes Aquaman in December, Shazam! In April 2019, the Joker origin movie in October 2019, and Wonder Woman 1984 at November 2019. Other projects from the works include a standalone film for The Flash, set to start filming early next year, and Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which will focus on a younger version of this personality; and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn-led all-female anti-hero group Birds of Prey.


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