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Sand, sea and background; these are the items that you will see in the country of Mauritania. Located in North Africa, this land is a mesh of sand dunes, canyons, plateaus, oases and a lengthy coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline of Mauritania is nearly completely untouched by civilization. Extended stretches of coastline can be observed without as single resort in sight. If you’re a traveler searching for areas with fewer crowds, this is a great position being tranquil.
The capital Nouakchott has developed quite quickly in recent times. From a tiny fishing village, this place now has hotels and hotels in which people can relax and enjoy a fresh seafood buffet. Grab a pair of field glasses and head on to Banc d’Arguin which is known as one of the best bird-watching spots globally. If you are an adventurer, ride a camel to traveling via the surreal landscapes to see the town of Oudane, an oasis town with excellent architecture, or bring a balloon ride in Adrar to bring inside the magnificent view of Mauritania’s natural wonders and cultural web sites. Mauritania is filled with a rich history of historical civilizations and settlements. Go to the metropolis of Chinguetti, founded within the 13th century that is known for its rare architecture, exotic scenery and historic libraries.
The people of Mauritania are traditionally nomadic and have continued to survive on cattle and sheep rearing. These men and women are of Black inheritance and blended with Moor descent which derives from Arab and Berber origins. A lot more than 90 percent of their population lives within the southern element of Mauritania.
Visit Mauritania from November to March when the temperature ranges average around the 20s. Despite the fact that in general dry, rainy season is from July to September. 1 should never forget that it gets rather cool in the evening from the desert. Mauritania is probably one of the safest destinations in Africa. The sole exception is quite a few landmines that happen to be buried from the Mauritanian border from the Western Sahara.

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