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A lot of people have heard of astral travel and projection. But do you know how to astral project? If you have searched online for how to astral projection you will come across a great many results, some of which may help you with your quest and some of which may not.
What follows is both an explanation of astral projection and a road map for how to achieve it. Lets start by answering the basic question. What is astral projection?
Astral projection, astral travel or an out of body experience is essentially all the same thing. It’s your inborn ability to leave your physical body and travel through time in space using only your consciousness. You are able to observe the world around you, pass through walls as though they were not there and watch the world around you from an invisible vantage point.
Conversely, while you are able to watch you can not affect the world around you in any way. You would not be able to even turn the page in a book for example.
So how is it achieved? Well it takes a great deal of practice and concentration but anyone can do it. It all starts with relaxation.
In our busy everyday lives few of us bother to slow down long enough to listen to our own thoughts, much less focus our minds or meditate. However, this is what Astral Travel requires of us. The first step is to find a quiet uninterrupted place and relax, completely and fully. It helps to be either lying down, or sitting comfortably. Sitting is best, it reduces the chances you will fall asleep.
Secondly, and this is critical, one must begin to clear you mind of all uninvited thoughts. It helps usually to focus on something you find relaxing and comforting. Perhaps the sound of the ocean, a sunbeam or a flickering candle. This is essentially meditation, though I prefer to think of it as focus.
Once you have control of your thoughts, and that may take some time, you must then begin to picture in your minds eye the idea of separation. Now this may seem a bit foreign and that’s natural. Keep in mind your mind and body are never actually separate.
They are always as one, however your consciousness has an incredible ability to do things that you physical body can not. I prefer to think of astral travel as a remote viewer that can go places my physical body cannot. This is where a lot of people are fearful. Imagining it this way removes any fear.
Imagine rolling out of your physical body. Imagine floating out of your body hanging onto a helium balloon. Imagine stretching out of your body like a bubble. Whatever works for your to achieve separation is what you must do. This is how to achieve astral projection, it’s that simple.
Now simply repeat this steps many, many times. To learn more about the process sign up for an email course of find some resources online. Hopefully your internet search for how to astral projection has been helpful.

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