Next Prom Queen

Next Prom Queen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like being nominated for the Royal Court? Can you imagine what it will be like when they call your name and yes, you are THE NEXT PROM QUEEN??

Did you know there is absolutely no difference between you and the Prom Queen?

Well, except that she lives in a different house and has a different class schedule, but, she really is a lot like you!

You have talents, and accomplishments, just like her, and just like her, you are a beautiful person with good friends, who you cherish. Maybe you even have a special skill, like playing piano or tap dancing or maybe you sing.

Well, there is just one little thing missing…

What’s missing is, she’s prepared to accept the crown and walk down the aisle in a pretty prom dress that’s perfect for her figure, a perfect hairstyle that makes her look sophisticated and makeup that makes her look like a princess. How’d she do it?

Well, for one thing, she not only knew her best attributes, but she was fully aware of all her worst ones!

You’re Prom Hairstyle Makeover

As prom season rolls around, we start getting bombarded with advice from experts who will tell us the best ways to get ready for the most important event of high school: prom! Most of the time, we can learn great tricks and glean advice that we can use even after our prom is over. But every so often, we get confused by articles that may tell us one thing one day and then tell us something different the next.

Well, we are here to set the record straight when it comes to your prom hairstyle.

Our survey shows that most girls buy the dress, accessories, and shoes, get the date, the tickets and the limo. Then they leave their hairstyle for the last minute. I can’t tell you how many letters I get like this: “Help! My prom is tomorrow night!” or “I don’t know what to do with my hair. Please help me!”

This is a recipe for disaster.

We have learned from experience that this is the number one reason girls are unhappy with their prom picture and the way they look when prom night eventually comes around. And it was because they left doing their hair until the last minute.

We have our own good reasons why you should be trying on new hairstyles now but our main reason is: its right there! Right in front of you! Well, right on top of you, but you know what I mean.

Finding the right hairstyle is a challenge, we admit, but once you find out which formal hairstyles you look good in, the rest of it is easy. Take the time to acquaint yourself with your tresses and you will never regret the time well spent!

Now is the time to find the perfect hairstyle for your special night. Now is the time to experiment. Do not wait until the night of your prom to try a new hairstyle: Choose a style based on all four of these attributes.

Face Shape: learn which styles make you look your best. Why would you choose a style that makes your face or body look unattractive? Very few faces are a perfect oval, but once you know your face shape, you will know whether you should wear a style that is full or not, or where you might need to add volume. For instance, did you know that someone with a round face needs to wear their hair piled up on top of their head in order to make it appear more oval? Likewise, women with very narrow faces can balance out the elongation just by adding bangs.

Hair Texture: understand what your hair will do and won’t do. Know its limits and know how to bring out the best. Most of all, learn which products make your hair most manageable.

Personality / Lifestyle: what style suits you? If you are a casual or athletic girl during the day, go with a look that is compatible. You will not only look beautiful you will feel beautiful too. Very important. When you feel beautiful you look beautiful to everyone else!

Body type – did you know that some hair styles make you look fat? Avoid them! Not everyone can wear an up do. Pulling your hair back away from your face, makes your head look smaller, which could make your body look bigger than it really is. Don’t surprise yourself. Find a style that will be in balance with your natural body type.

Finally, when it’s time to go shopping for that dress, you are going to find a lot of really gorgeous dresses out there. Really gorgeous. Remember, the dress may look good on the hanger, what you want is for it to look good on you. Here are some tips that will help you decide.

Remember that perfect hairstyle you found? The one that suits your personality, face shape and body type and one that is perfect for the texture of your hair. Let’s not discard all these benefits. Your challenge is to match the style of the prom dress to the style of your perfect prom hairstyle.

Let’s say your hair is on the wavy side and (by following the steps above) you learned how to create wonderfully glam, vintage style bob, complete with finger waves! So now you know what hairstyle you will wear for prom, you know that your prom dress could be on the sleek side, just like the glamour girls of the 20s movies!

Finding the prom dress that goes with your prom hairstyle is a major accomplishment, now all you need are the accessories to round out the entire look. Just remember: don’t mix up too many styles. The secret to a put together, polished look is how everything, hairstyle, makeup, dress relates to each other, much like a beautiful painting!



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