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 Stunning Party Hairstyles

What you wear to a party usually dictates the kind of party hairstyle you will have, but why not try thinking of it the other way around?  In other words, try and match the style of dress to the perfect hairstyle. But of course, like most things in life, this is easier said than done.

Therefore, to help you discover a unique and sexy party hair style that you can create, here are some ideas tailored to different lengths of hair.

Moderately Short or Shoulder-Length Hair

To make a really gorgeous up do hairstyle that feels fun, creative and a little sassy, try this out:

Start by buying a load of grips/slides. Lots of functional ones will do great here, but a few decorative, diamante grips would be perfect.

Wash your hair at least 12 hours beforehand, as the grips will otherwise not hold in place.

Take two grips, and keep them within reaching distance. Then grab two sections of hair, one from either side of your head (these should be about a quarter of your overall amount of hair) and bring them to the back of your head. Twist, and then fold them over each other once or twice, depending on the thickness of your hair.  Secure each side with a grip.

Once these portions are securely in place, take another section of hair. Twist this upwards, and secure again with a grip.

Continue to do this, until all the hair is up.

This will create a sort of organized mess at the back of your head, and with all the grips overlapping one another; it should stay in place all night long.

I advise you to try it out before hand, so that you know what it looks like, and so you can practice placing the grips tightly enough for optimal results.

Medium Length Hair

To create a party hairstyle that will absolutely wow your friends, try this out for size:

Buy or borrow some good curling tongs.

Begin by parting your hair into sections. You may want to do this before starting, but many women choose to do this as they go. So at least start by leaving a small section around the base of the neck.

Take a small part of this and smooth it down by passing the tongs over it quickly. Then start curling by gripping the ends of the hair and twisting upwards. Hold in place for 10 seconds and then let go. You should be left with a perfect ringlet.

Continue the previous step on all of the hair until it is completely curly.

You can then either leave it like this, or gather it into a side ponytail. Do this by gathering all the hair at one side of your head, and securing it with a decorative band. You can then re-curl as much of the hair as you feel is necessary.

Finish by spraying your hair with a hi-shine hold spray, and adding some cute sparkly slides.

Long Hair

If you’ve been blessed with long, vibrant hair, you have many options.  To create the sexiest party hairstyle of all, follow these steps:

Invest in or borrow a ceramic hair straightness / flat iron.

Wash and blow dry your hair, making sure to point the hairdryer down along the length of the hair.  This will enable you to create the maximum amount of shine possible (you could also try a special hi-shine shampoo or even a leave-in conditioner).

Turn on the straightness, and whilst they are heating, you can start to section your hair. The most important part when straightening your hair is to take small sections, which will allow you to get a finer, sleeker, straighter look.

Take a small section from the bottom of your head, and run the straightened slowly and firmly down to the very end. Repeat this step until all the hair is completed.

Go back over your hair, straightening larger sections very roughly, in order to smooth it all together. This is also your opportunity to round off some of the straight hair if you choose, giving it a more natural look. Do this by gently angling the straightened as it passes over your locks.

Complete the style by applying a shine spray over all of your hair, and brushing it through.


The next time you are struggling to figure out how to create a sexy party hairstyle, try one of the recommendations in this article.  Just remember that no matter how long your hair is, achieving a perfect style takes practice.  So the best advice I can give is to try out a couple of these hairstyles a few days before the party, so you can see firsthand which one looks best on you.



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