Everyone knows that search engines give tons of traffic. And if you want to become a successful blogger, you have to make your blog SEO friendly. An SEO friendly blog will have more chance to get higher page rank on search engines and also they will have more chance to be seen on search engines. If your blog is based on PCC publishing program then it is more important for you to make your blog visible in search engines.
So, how will you do it?
Here are some tips:

At first, you have to refine your keywords. And also you have to find less competitive keywords on your niche. Keywords are very important because it will help you to reach your targeted audience. So, do some keyword research before writing any articles. For keyword research you can use Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, Google Adword Keyword Tool and many other tools. Google Adword Keyword Tool is my favorite keyword research tool. Go to this keyword tool and search for your niche. It will bring up lots of results.

You will see so money keywords which have 20,000 to 1,000,000 global monthly search volumes. But don’t write for those keywords because they would have much competition. Pick up some keyword phrases which have 15,000 to 5,000 global monthly search volumes. These types of keywords have low demand but also they have less competition. So, if you write for those keywords, it will be much easy for you to get rank on front page for those keywords.

Once you have chosen your keywords, bear in mind that they will be placed once in article Title, once in article body, once in conclusion and once in resource box. But do not over do this. Also bear in mind that you are writing for both human beings and search engines – not only for search engines.

Keep consistency: consistency is the key to get ranked on search engines. Keep writing and posting articles daily. Search engine robots like fresh and new contents. So, you should provide them fresh contents.

At last you have to start your link building campaign. It means you have to spread your blog backlinks in other popular sites. If any visitor comes to your blog by clicking your backlink, then it will increase your values to get higher page rank. For spreading your backlinks you can submit articles to top article directories and post ads to top free classifieds. There are also many other ways to spread your backlinks.
Above tips are basic tactics to get higher page rank and to be seen on search engines. Maybe there are other tactics but these are simplest in all other tactics.

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