A lot of people want to learn how to make money by blogging because this type of business opportunity has become really lucrative nowadays. A lot of people had made blogging as a means to earn extra income but there are also those who had made it as their full-time income-generating career.
Since blogs are very popular, many advertisers find it as a perfect venue to place their ad posts. Blogs indeed have a stable and strong group of audiences that advertisers will be foolish enough if they will not take advantage of the opportunity. If you have a blog, then maybe one of the reasons why you created is because you want to earn money out of it. However, the creation and maintenance of a blog is not sufficient so that you can attract advertisers. You still need to learn how to make money by blogging because it takes a lot of skills and knowledge so that your blog will be able to generate cash for you.
There are lots of advertising platforms that you can use to make money by blogging. Some of these platforms are Google AdSense, AdBrite, Widgetbucks, and Chitika, among other things. It is best if the content of your blog features topics that have a unified subject so that the ad platforms will be able to place an ad for you.
Another way so that you can generate money out of your blog is to affiliate your blog posts into a company that is extending their advertising campaigns to blogs. In this method you act like a sales agent for their products by making a review or just simply presenting their products and services to your audience. With this method, you also become part of their marketing team, and of course you will receive commissions for your services.
The real secret on how to make money by blogging is to make it a serious business venture that needs passion and dedication; and not just consider it as a mere hobby that happens to be paying well.

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