Nowadays there is almost everyone who is focusing on creating socially viral content because of many reasons. Like viral content spread super fast on social media compared to the genuine articles.

This means viral contents can generate huge traffic easily and make backlinks. However, creating socially viral content is not that easy. It takes lots of effort and knowledge of a hell lot of things. So the question is How to make your content socially viral?

Well in this article we will be answering this question only. So let’s just go ahead and talk about it:

How to make your content socially viral:

Go with the trend:

make viral with facebook poster

No one would like to read something that happened in the past. However, they would surely love to read about something that is trending.

For example, if you talk about Jeff Bezos becoming the richest man in the world in today’s world. Then there will be no one who will be interested in your content. Because the world already knows about.

Instead, pick something that is on trend and talks about it.

But the question is how do you find trending topics? Well finding trending topics is not that hard. You can head over to the and look at its Trends section. Or you can check out Google Trends to find some of the recent topics.


If your primary goal is to generate traffic from social media, then clickbait is the most important thing. Without clickbait titles, there will be no one who will click on your link.

social media click bait benefit

For example, if your blog post title is like “Mark Zuckerberg is now the third richest person in the world.” Then there will be hardly anyone clicking on your link. Because you are already delivering the new through the title.

But if you choose to do some tweaks in the title like “Mark Zuckerberg is now the third richest person in the world, Here is how he did it.” Now it is something that catching the audience attraction and it will eventually increase the CTR or Click Through Rate.

Featured Image:

Featured Image is also something that you need to focus on while creating socially viral content. Because Images attracts users attraction more than the texts that you use.

set the featured image

For your featured images, you can use high quality and rich images. Or you can use some infographics. If you are going to use images, then you can write some texts over it that explains your topic.

Moral of the story is, your featured images should be attractive enough to drive users attractions.

Post in Multiple Groups:

If your primary goal is to generate traffic and traffic, then you have to post your content in Facebook groups apart from pages.

Facebook groups usually have a high rate of engagements. So posting there would eventually help you to spread your content faster than posting on facebook pages.

facebook poster

However, we know the struggle that posting in multiple facebook groups can be a pretty hectic task. Well but do not worry, to make this job quite easy you can use a facebook poster tool.

A Facebook poster tool will automatically find groups for you and allow you to post there without any struggle. As well as they do have a bunch of features which will surely make your internet life easy.

Create Emotional Or Relatable Contents:

Believe it or not Emotional or Relatable contents on social media performs quite a lot. As people are more likely to get connected with emotional or relatable contents.

Hence there are already quite a lot of blogs and pages which are posting emotional or relatable contents on social media platforms. So they can drive engagement to their social media pages or websites.

You can write about a struggle story, a story of some entrepreneur. Or you can simply make some videos that connect to the users.

Once you are done doing so, people will obviously share it on their profile pages and help you to drive engagements.

Partner with an Influencer:

What if your content gets shared by a popular social media influencer?

Well, your content will instantly get viral, and there will be a hell lot of engagements on your social media pages.

This is a common marketing trick used by so many internet marketers out there. They often partner with popular social media influencers and make them share their contents.

However, the other part of the story is that it is not free. Different social media influencers charge a different amount of cash. So it is better that you go and manually contact them for a partnership.

Post On Right Time on social:

Whenever you are making a viral content, you need to focus on posting it at the right time. For example, if you are going to write about the Football World Cup Winner Team. Then you have to post your content right after the match ends.

This way the people who are searching about it will land to your content at first and help you to drive traffic. But if you post about it after sometimes.

Then people might not be interested, because every other social media account will be talking about it. And it will be an overcrowded topic to talk about.

The bottom line of the story is posted contents as soon as possible and maintain the time. Always try to be the first one to deliver the content. So you can drive traffic and generate backlinks easily.

Final Words about Viral Content:

In the end, we would like to advise you to stick with the basics. Know your audience and try to figure out what are the contents that get most engagements on social media.

You can even check out some other social media pages to figure out about it and learn from it.

Anyway, that was all for your question that says How to make your content socially viral. Now go ahead and try the above mentioned ways and see what result you get. Also for any doubts, do feel free to leave a comment.


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