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Hi, I am Sambit, A photographer and blogger also. I love to create a big thing with a small investment. So, today I am decided to give you an idea of the low budget studio for your small studio. So, I will give you all the details in through this article, but you should read and implement in your life carefully.

                The word ‘careful’ is really worried about the English language. So let me tell you I will show the easy way to make your budget-friendly photo studio. Let’s Start:

How to Start Your Low Budget Photo Studio?

This is the mail question arrived in mind. As an answer so many thought came to our mind and showed many ways, sometimes it can create confutation for us.

Some important thing you should have to create photo studio in low budget.

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  1. Camera: Not only a camera is enough. But without it we cannot even think about the photo. So, buy a camera if you do not have. Quality of the photo depends on the camera. So, I prefer a DSLR for photo studio if you have a budget for that.
  2. Light: As always we all need light to see anything, so camera work so well when the lighting condition is perfect for photographs. So, good quality light is highly required. Without light we can to go for photographs. You have to make soft light or cover the light with a soft white screen.
  3. Background: Without a clear background a photo looks good. So, I would suggest a color background for your studio. You can also choose single color backgrounds like green screen or sky blue screen or white screen. The single color background gives the opportunity to change the original background by editing.
  4. Editing: Raw photo cannot print. The generally unedited photo looks so bad. So, editing is important. Sometimes the light came on eyeglasses or sometimes photo become blur. Then you have edited and made the perfect photo. Not only this, there are so many reasons to edit the photo before printing. Photoshop is the only way to edit to make photo beautiful and make your customer happy.

What can be the actual budget of low budget photo studio?

Let’s talk about one by one and discuss the price you have to spend on device or gadgets.

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  • Camera: A good quality point & shoot camera cost around $100(Rs.7000). DSLR starting range is $250(Rs.12500).
  • Light: Good lighting cost around $100(Rs.7000) for 2 lights and you can use an umbrella or soft screen for soft light.
  • Background: Green Screen cost around $10(Rs.700) and it stands costs Rs.$25(Rs.2000). You can buy any screen as you wish, costs the same as a green screen.
  • Editing: Photoshop is highly recommended, so it can get for free you know through the internet. So it costs zero.

So, finally, your photo studio gets ready for the start. Capture photo and earn money.

One thing, I am not saying that you no need more investment. You have to get the space, computer or laptop to do your job. So, hopefully, I can explain to you in brief how to make your budget-friendly photo studio.


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