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Flying in a plane for the first-time ever can be such a scary experience, but you should also consider it a right of passage. You are taking a big risk and overcoming your anxieties to get from one destination to somewhere new. Give yourself a pat on the back for your decision and sit back a moment to read up on how to prepare yourself for your first flight.

Prepare for a Touch of Vertigo Upon Take-Off—Sip Sprite, Chew Gum, Close Your Eyes and Meditate, etc.

Vertigo occurs when your equilibrium is thrown off. For flights, it’s caused by the sudden upwards motion that a plane has to rapidly take to go from on the ground to in the sky. You will feel nauseous, and some people might throw up. Close your eyes and focus on how you breath, sip some sprite or other bubbly, light soda, and chew gum to help with the popping in your ears from the altitude changes.

Pack Light to Avoid Unnecessary Anxiety Upon Check-in or Boarding

Checking into your flight has changed drastically in the last decade and there are more security measures in place now than ever before. That said, for someone with anxiety, the whole process can be a mental challenge. Save yourself the hassle. Pack light with essentials, like clothes and your must-have electronics, then opt to buy toiletries once you get where you’re headed.

Need an example? If your destination is North Carolina beach houses for rent, pack up some beachy wear, but get your toiletries and groceries as you need them when you get there.

Bring Some Things, like Books or a Crossword Puzzle, to Occupy Yourself Throughout the Flight

Occupying yourself with books and crossword puzzles are great ways to keep your mind engaged while keeping boredom at bay. However, if you’re one of the types to get motion sickness when looking at words, opt for music instead. Put your headphones in (after the safety talk, of course) and jam out to your own tunes (at a respectful volume).

Take in the View (if you can)

Some people are simply too afraid to gaze out the window of an airplane. Their fears come back full force once they see the landscapes that are thousands of feet below them. However, if you can stifle your fears for a moment, the view from an airplane is often an amazing one. You might find that there’s nothing to be afraid of once you look outside.


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