Power shortages, computer failures and crashes, and a variety of similar situations can lead to you losing your important documents and files, especially if you happen to be working on Microsoft Word. With some of these documents proving to be crucial to your daily work, it can be a serious headache, what with many hours of your precious inputs and work being lost. However, if you have not saved any of your files, then there is no need to fret, since there is a way to recover MS Word unsaved file. In fact, there are many ways to recover deleted word files!
Your first step should be to reboot your computer and open your Microsoft Word application. Typically, you should be greeted with a prompt that can enable you to restore any unsaved data. All you have to do is click on these files, and you will be able to find the file that you were working on prior to the interruption. Copy the data and then save on to another Word Document sheet.
But what do you do if the prompt does not appear?
In case you are not greeted with the auto recovery prompt, then your next step would be to go to the “Tools” tab in the MS Word document and search for “Options”. Once you find this, click on “File Locations” and check if you can see any text to the right hand side of “Auto Recover Files”. This is where all your unsaved documents can be located.
Once you locate this, proceed to this file path: “C:Documents and SettingenduserApplication Data MicrosoftWord.” Or you could go to “My Computer” and then go to your “Local Disk (C:)” and check in “Documents and Settings”. Save all the data you deem important on to another document. All you have to do is press “Ctrl+A” to select all and then “Ctrl+C” to copy all. Once you open a new document, press “Ctrl+V” to paste everything that you copied. Make sure you save your documents by pressing “Ctrl+S”.
However, there are many free tools available today to help you recover some of your lost files. ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro is one such program that can help you get any deleted data back. It helps by retrieving any important files, emails and even images from your computer’s memory.
The ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro will scan and recover MS Word unsaved file documents for you. What’s more, it can also recover any deleted email attachments and partial files as well. With such a powerful tool at hand, you can now recover deleted word files easily!

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