I always have the travel itch. Since I was young, traveling with my family has opened my eyes to priceless experiences. When I graduated from college and joined the workforce, traveling was always a good break from work.

How to Save Money

It could be a day trip, or going away for the weekend. My love for discovering new places has taught me how to how budget wisely for trips. If you are fond of traveling, especially flying, you must know these money saving secrets:

• Fly mid-week. Because most people prefer to travel early or late in the week or on weekends, airlines offer their best deals for departures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

• Buy tickets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Not only are Tuesdays and Wednesdays the cheapest days to travel, they are also the best days to book your travel, even if you can’t travel those days. When major airlines announce a special airfare deal, they usually do it on a Tuesday. That also makes Wednesdays and Thursdays a good time to shop for fares as other airlines scramble to match the discount.

• Book airfare and hotel together. It pays to bundle your travel buying, and I tried that with Travelocity. “Despite higher airfare, travelers can still enjoy great deals on summer travel. We see typical savings of up to $525 for people who simply book their flight and hotel together,” a Travelocity representative had said. One good place to look is the “Top Secret Hotels” list at , which has offers of up to 45 percent off published rates.

• Let the deals come to you! It’s easy to do. Simply sign up to receive special airfare discount alerts by e-mail. But you won’t get these from the airlines themselves. The best places to sign up for such alerts are travel web sites that keep constant watch on what’s happening across the entire travel universe.

• Consider alternative airports. For example, five airports serve the Los Angeles area. Flying into Long Beach, Burbank, Ontario, or Orange County instead of LAX can save as much as $200 per ticket. The car rental cost might also be lower at these smaller airports (not to mention easier to access).

• Add a stop. Most travelers prefer non-stop flights. But if you’re willing to part with a little extra time to reach your destination, including flight itineraries with a stop or change of planes can put money back in your pocket.


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