Starting a blog is a wise decision for someone who wants to have the means of earning money from their homes or for someone who wants to have a fantastic outlet for their thoughts and ideas. Blog sites are not only fun to maintain, but they can be a potential gold mine as well. And this is true for most anybody even for beginners in the online realm. Everybody is welcome to start their own blogs and for those who don’t know how, here is a guide on how to start a blog site.
The first step in how to start a blog site is to get your domain name. You can skip this step if you will be using your blog for a more personal setting and you don’t expect to earn money from it. Go to a domain seller and see which domain names are available. You should get a domain name that is the same as your blog name or very close to it. Make it catchy and easy to remember so that your visitors can come back easily. Make sure that you have a credit card or some form of online payment capability.
Next, you need some online real estate. Choose a hosting plan that will be able to give you good value for the blog that you have in mind. If you’re going to be using a lot of multimedia with large files, then choose a plan with high space availability. Some web hosting services even provide free domain name use. Make sure that they are very reliable; no break downs, and gives the utmost in customer support.
Now you need a platform. You’ve got your address and your internet property; you will need to set up house. There are numerous platforms available online and one example is WordPress. Using the ftp via your hosting service provider, upload your platform after you have chosen which one to use. If you find it somewhat difficult to do this, refer to your hosting guidelines or ask for support from your service provider.
It’s now time to make your blogging home look beautiful. But first you should already know what your niche will be. If you are going to be talking about sports then decide whether it will generally be about sports or if you have on particularly in mind. It would be much better if it’s somewhere within your expertise or knowledge. You don’t want to talk about something you don’t know about and receive a lot of flak from your readers.
After developing your niche, choose a template or theme. There are free templates and premium templates that you can download and apply to your blog. Most of them are easily customizable to allow you to make your blog look distinct, unique and highly professional.
Then finally the last step in how to start a blog site is to start posting! Take the time to develop your blogging style and learn more about each topic beforehand to make it credible. Your credibility is your one true weapon in succeeding online. Without it, no one will bother to read what you have written. And with no readers, what’s the point of blogging?

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