One of the easiest ways to get a web site online is to start a blog. You can sign up for a free one at WordPress however I highly recommend getting a real domain name and having it hosted so you’ll have much more control over it.
Top 7 Benefits of a WordPress Blog
WordPress is the best platform for starting a blog as it includes a large community from which you can get help any time you need it.
1. No need to learn HTML
WordPress has an editor built into it that functions similar to Microsoft Word however it’s a little simpler to use.
2. Separate content from design
This allows you to change the design whenever you like without affecting the content.
3. Create unlimited pages
WordPress is database driven. This means you can easily add 1000s of pages to the database.
4. Choose from many templates
There are 100s of free and paid templates to choose from. These can be customized to suit your business web site. You can also get a custom built blog by hiring an experienced web designer.
5. Search engine friendly
WordPress blogs can be easily optimized for the search engines using plugins. Posts on your blog are automatically pinged and RSS feeds are automatically submitted to RSS directories.
6. Integrate social media marketing
Blog posts can automatically be sent to social marketing sites (ie twitter, Facebook etc) by installing the appropriate plugins.
7. Active forum support
WordPress dot org runs a very active community forum where you can ask questions related to the functioning of your blog.

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