Hi all, today we are with one of the most beautiful HTC Android Device, perhaps the most beautiful of the Android smartphones.

The Android Smartphone

HTC Legend is so pleasant to watch, but also to touch because his body is entirely made of a single block of aluminum. The solution has favored the aesthetic design, but also the build quality: robust, solid, has a chassis that also subjected to the strongest pressure does not suffer in any way crunches, shows no signs of suffering.

HTC Legend is, therefore, much more aesthetically engaging than HTC Desire, top smartphone Android of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Yet, right from the Legend Desire picks up some hardware solutions, such as the optical stick. I continue to prefer the “wheel” used by other devices (Google Nexus One, for example), but the input system does very well his work, showing itself sufficiently accurate and reliable.

The aluminum body and the sophisticated look for the Legend was a prerequisite for differentiating the smartphone from other equivalent products.

High Tech Computer must have invested a lot to prepare a production line that would allow the assembly of a terminal monocoque.

But if the results will reward the effort is certainly legitimate to expect that many future devices will be produced with similar characteristics.

If HTC Legend stands out and excels in design and build quality it’s not the same thing with regard to performance. The device has an average CPU performance, certainly not as fast as that adopted in Desire.

The differences between the two devices is not particularly noticeable in ordinary use, except occasionally lags when your phone module is active (but consider that the phone module is a hard nut for the Android operating system as for other platforms).

Instead, HTC Legend suffers frommore evidence for the Qualcomm MSM7227 CPU clock rate, equal to “only” 600 MHz, when is used the Web browser.

In this section the Legend is one of the most efficient devices in the world, thanks to the Android Eclair Web browser, but sometimes the HTML client suffers from overweight Web pages.

HTC Legend has achieved brilliant results in the tests of wireless interfaces: both the phone module, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have emerged with high marks from empirical testing.

In particular, the Wi-Fi is capable of being coupled to a wireless router at a distance of about ten meters, with two walls to act as a barrier. So in this review, the most beautiful device of the High Tech Computer range is well worth promoting.

In MP3 reproduction the device sounds well, but has not so high volume. So we warned those who listen to MP3s in city traffic. Sufficiently high the volume distributed by the speakers, comparable with the Desire.

Really good the performances of the video player.

We performed a test by converting the trailer Avatar from HD 720p AVI to MP4 with a resolution of 1280 x 534 pixels, thus very close to the original high definition.

HTC Legend can lend itself as a satellite navigation system. We checked the GPS receiver, also walking: it’s as suitable for use in location-based services as a real navigation solution.

The satellites are hooked quickly, even in difficult situations and when the sight of the sky is partially obstructed.

Good values of autonomy in laboratory tests. The battery seems capable of sustaining HTC Legend for a whole day of work and fun. The credit goes of course to the CPU clock rate which clearly is designed for a protracted use.

Legend is one of those HTC smartphones that must not be hidden. The phone is designed to convey a feeling of solidity, of invoice above-average.

Fortunately, these qualities are not evident only to who holds the HTC Legend in his hands, but also to those who are near.

So Legend is a HTC device to show with ease, and why not, with a hint of complacency. Sure, the performance is not so good, but who is perfect?


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