Huawei Said to Be 'Open' to Selling 5G Modems and Chips to Apple

Chinese smartphone-maker Huawei Might be Contemplating selling its high powered 5G-enabled modems and chipsets to Apple, according to media reports.

“A source with knowledge of this situation has verified that Huawei is currently’open’ to promoting its’5G Balong 5000′ chipsets, but just to Apple,” Engadget reported on Monday.

So far, the business has refrained from promoting the advanced processors and modems it uses on its mobile portfolio into other rivals.

“Huawei’s sudden change of heart just really matters because Apple seems to be in a difficult spot with its modem provider, Intel. The chipmaker currently provides the wireless modems that go into all current iPhones and iPads also it stated late last year that its 5G-ready’XMM 8160′ modems would be available for its clients in the next half 2019,” the report said.

However, citing an anonymous source, recent media reports asserted that Apple has”lost confidence” in Intel following the chipmaker failed to meet certain development deadlines.

Anyway, Apple’s ongoing legal struggles with US-based chip-maker Qualcomm also gives Huawei the edge to market its technologies to the iPhone-maker without having to confront tough competition.

But, it is also worth noting that the US believes Huawei a security threat because of its close link with the Chinese government.

Not only has the US government prohibited their national agencies from using Huawei products, but in addition, it has been encouraging other countries to refrain from using Huawei’s technology with their 5G networks.

But the”Balong 5000″ seems like the type of chip Apple would need. It supports both the sub-6 and mmWave 5G networks, and is backward compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks.

This would give Apple the ability to construct an iPhone that will support 5G networks constructed off of present 4G infrastructure, in addition to the”standalone” 5G networks which will follow, the report added.

As explained by the business sooner, the Balong chipset, which is currently for Huawei’s internal use only, is mainly meant to support Huawei’s smart products, such as Internet of Things (IoT) products and mobiles such as Huawei’s”Mate 20X” and foldable”Mate X” tablets.

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