MS Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It is the most widely used application that helps us create large text documents. However, the Word file are vulnerable as any one having access to a Word file can make amendments in the file. To protect the Word file from unauthorized users, the Word application has an inbuilt feature that helps the user to lock the file with a password. However after you provide a password to your Word file, you may in many cases tend to forget the password. This is a serious case of data loss as, Word does not have any facility to recover the password. However to recover the forgotten password, you can implement MS Word Password Recovery software.
Consider a scenario wherein you have created a large Word document on your research paper. The document is an effect of your labor of some many months. To protect your research paper from third party’s tampering, you have protected it with a password. However, you got some signal that some one else has approach to your research document as he/she has knowledge of your password. However, to protect your Word document from further tampering, you changed the password. However to your dismay, this time after you provided the password, you forgot it instantly due to some disturbances coming on the way.
This situation can be anyone’s pity condition that can render you helpless. You would wonder for methods so as to how you could recover your vital document which has been locked with the password which is no more in your knowledge. In such situation, if you have a copy of your unlocked document, you can recover the data from it. But, if you need to protect the document, why at all will you keep a unlocked document? In such a case, you are in the verge of serious data loss.
However, in such condition also, you can recover your password with MS Word Password Recovery software. The software implements brute force attack mechanism to recover the forgotten password. In this mechanism, the software creates all the probable combination’s of the characters and finds out which combination opens the locked Word file thereby declaring the combination as the lost password.
Stellar Phoenix Word Password Recovery is one such tool that recovers the lost/forgotten MS Word password with a success rate of 100%. The software supports Microsoft Word 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. Further, it creates and uses dictionary for faster and easier password recovery.

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