This time of year people flues and colds are on the increase. Why? There a couple of possible causes. Cold causes a stress on the body. All stress lowers our immune system. Exposure – we are all in doors much more so the opportunity to come into closer contact with each others germs is greatly increased.
So here is a quick check list of Immune Boosters-
Adequate Sunlight: Much more difficult to do in the winter months but Vitamin D is so important for our immune system.
Vitamin C & Zinc: either supplement morning and night or make sure your diet has enough with foods such as berries, avocados, citrus fruits & green vegetables for vitamin C and things like egg yolks, fish & seafood, meat, pumpkin seeds and kelp for zinc.
Echinacea: is a wonderful immunostimulator so if you are feeling low it may be helpful to you. Check with your practitioner before taking any herbs & in particular before administering to your children.
Olive Leaf Extract: this is one of my favourites for fighting colds and flu. There is even a children’s one that doesn’t taste too bad.
Enough exercise: it’s cold outside and the last thing you feel like doing is going out to exercise but we need it just as much now. Exercise keeps your blood circulating bringing important nutrients where they are needed. The lymphatics is also a circulatory system which doesn’t move if you don’t move, and is so important for removing toxins.
Water Intake: in winter the urge is not as great to keep up our water intake but it is still vital to cleanse our bodies of toxins and keep our digestion working at its optimum.
Stay out of the wind/cold/wet: this something that grandmothers from every culture tell us and it still rings true. The wind can sweep up all the dust etc. and blow right through you and invariably you will notice the kids and maybe yourself also, coming home with your nose running and the start of a cold.

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