A� There will be a time when your kid enjoys reading a lot and also a time when he hardly likes to look his books for reading. This happens when your kids consistently live in frame of change. Never hold the time in your hands let it be passed and don’t force your kid towards reading. Instead of forcing, ease him to read whatever he likes including comics and cartoon books. Consider that your kid is still reading.
A� Make a habit to listen audio tape as you travel with your kid in car. In this way, you can teach your kid to listen to the book and he may like to read the book later on.
A� If your kid has less time for reading long tailing articles, you can encourage him to read short and brief magazine.
A� Attend parents meeting with teachers and discus with teachers how to improve the reading skills of your kid. Arrange reading instructor if needed.
A� If your kid is close to pass middle schooling, you should be more careful towards his reading capabilities. This is the time when your kid has to change his schooling subjects into reading and so it is crucial period. If your kid is less keen in reading then his schooling studies will be suffered too. Start to play your role and encourage your kid to read books of his interest which probably increase the chance of reading other books too.
Stimulate the Passion for Reading
A� Allow your kids with a monthly expenditure just for books reading. It will also help your kid to understand that you give importance to reading.
A� Visit libraries regularly with your kids and bring weekly magazines which can enhance the passion for reading in your child.
A� When you are going to present gifts and rewards to kids, consider books instead of toys or clothes.
A� Make sure that the bookshelf is in the central place from where it is easily accessed by your kids.
A� Keep chatting with your kids about famous books and specially those which encourage your kids for reading. Ask about books which their friends read and then encourage your kids for those books too.
A� Ask your kids what they are reading and try to gather some facts about that book to tell your kids for encouraging book reading.
A� Beside their schooling books, comic books are also a great way of educating kids. Great variety of comic books is available at online book stores like superman comic books, Disney comics, educational comic books and medical comic books for giving disease awareness to kids.

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