iOS 13 Beta 3 Suggests New Wired iPhone Data Transfer Method Is in the Works

iOS 13 beta 3 was released today, and a bit of code digging suggests that Apple is seeking to bring a new wired method to transfer information between iOS apparatus. Transferring data from one device to another is often a tedious procedure, and new assets have been found from the Installation program of iOS 13 beta 3 that indicates a new and easy way. The new procedure takes a physical cable, and this procedure presumably can fasten the process of information transfer.

9to5Mac did some digging into the code of iOS 13 beta 3. It found that there were some new assets in the Setup program that’s required when you set up a new phone for the first time. These new assets suggest that data transfer can be done later on with a wired cable too. Among the assets has an image that reveals two iPhone units attached together using a cable.

This picture indicates that Apple is working on a brand new way to transfer data with a wired cable, maybe a Lightning-to-Lightning cable. Currently, there is absolutely no such cable available in the market, but Apple should hopefully introduce it using the new iPhone versions this season.

Currently, Apple simply offers wireless manners for information transfer between two iPhones. You may either opt to revive from iTunes backup or out of iCloud backup. You can even maintain both iOS devices near each other and log in using your Apple ID on the new phone. This may enable wireless data transfer too.

The report notes,”We attempted to make the new transfer options appear on a device running iOS 13 programmer beta 3 by resetting the device and doing the setup process manually, but no new options showed up. It’s possible that the new data transfer methods are not ready yet or are being worked for unreleased devices”

Whatever the case, a brand new wired alternative for data transfer between iPhone versions is a welcome change, and we hope it will see a commercial release soon.


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