Image result for IPad Pro'Meet or Exceeds' Business's Flatness Standards, Says Apple SVP Dan Riccio

After an outrage over Apple’s recent affirmation that some of these iPad Pro units are really transport with a very slight bend and it is totally normal, a senior executive of their Cupertino-based firm has come out and revealed that the iPad-maker stands from the tablet.
Dan Riccio, SVP of Hardware Engineering at Apple, last week reportedly reacted to a client’s concerns regarding the iPad Pro bendgate in an email, which has since emerged online. The email notes that the iPad Pro“meets or exceeds all of Apple’s high quality standards of style and precision production.” He also added that the flatness specification of the iPad Pro at around 400 microns is much smaller compared to the prior generation. “This 400 micron variance is significantly less than a millimetre (or the diameter of over four sheets of paper in most) and this level of flatness won’t change during regular use over the lifetime of the product. Notice , these slight variations don’t affect the purposes of this device in any way,” Riccio further explained in the email.

Though Ricco’s email does not deny the organization’s previous statement, it does attempt to explain in detail what is really happening with this gadget. This ought to help calm the dissatisfied customers, who thought that the business was shrugging off their worries and any bend in an expensive device like the iPad Pro is unacceptable. In accordance with the company’s previous statement, the flatness variations are a result of the cooling process employed in the production of the apparatus. These versions are visible on the device right from the box.

At this point, any consumers, who still believe that their’bent’ iPad Pro are defective and should be replaced, do not have any recourse apart the normal return available in a variety of markets.


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