Many new Internet marketers, who still do not have a website, wonder if they should use a blog or a regular website. Now days, the methods for making blogs are far superior to what they were just a few years ago. One no longer needs to know HTML or study the steep learning curve a web editor. It’s almost a point and click, copy and paste process for making quality websites nowadays. Plus, the blogs of today can all be made very search engine friendly.
There is a saying in Internet marketing that “content is king”. There is a lot of truth to that. For new sites created by new online marketers, it is vital that a lot of quality content be created on a regular basis. Without plenty of quality and optimized content, the search engines will have a difficult time analyzing your site and knowing how to rank it.
A blog makes the creation of content pages extremely easy. Basically it is just a matter of writing an article in a program like Word and then copying and pasting it into the blog administration area and click “publish”. It’s just that easy. Also, adding pictures and videos to the article is again just a point and click process. Absolutely no knowledge of web design is required to build great looking websites.
The blog software today also offers thousands of add-on features that can easily be installed by the blog owner at no cost. These blog add-ons are called plugins. There are plugins designed for everything from making the site search engine friendly to easily inserting affiliate or AdSense code. These plugins can all be downloaded and installed from within the admin area of the blog installation.
The look and feel of a blog install today can be made to look much the same as a typical and traditional website which was created with HTML either manually or with a web editor. If the blog is created using “pages” instead of posts, the web site can appear to be a traditional, static website.
Additionally, the blogs of today allow all the necessary marketing tools to be installed. It is quite easy to add opt-in forms to the blogs which can be used to collect and manage new leads to the site. Also, the blogs now accept all types of tracking codes used for analyzing the sites traffic, etc.
In almost all cases, it is suggested that beginners take a close look at using a blog format for building their websites.

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