Juugo Company Review
Juugo Company Review

This Juugo review shows that it is a new travel opportunity that one can employ to earn a strong living from the comfort of one’s home or office. Depending upon how motivated one may be, it could be possible to become independently wealthy. Juugo is a direct selling venture that brings many different products and services to the direct selling industry public. Based out of Belize in South America, this is truly a global company that understands how to build success among its members and aid in producing tremendous revenues for motivated entrepreneurs.

Juugo rewards the business builders that help their downline to also cycle and succeed by paying them residual income both wide and deep. Infinity wide, and up to 7 levels deep. Juugo members can book their own travel reservations at competitive discount rates from the Juugo travel site with their own Juugo pre-paid mastercard and they can call home with the Juugo pre-paid international calling card. Juugo distributors get paid weekly directly to their Juugo mastercard. Juugo also provides an extremely affordable travel booking portal for all of its members. Juugo members have the ability to use these VIP amenities no matter what airline or class they are traveling.

But most Juugo reps will have a hard time becoming profitable do to lack of training in marketing. MLM is a marketing business and marketing is what reps must focus on first in order to attarct the right prospects for there business and without facing the sting of rejection cold calling low quality leads and doing home meetings if one chooses not to.


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