The danger of becoming spiritually careless is very real and in Psalms 120 to 134 we are made very much aware of that. We have been reading of the real dangers about becoming careless. We come now to Psalm 132.

Leaders Require the Essential Courage

When you experience the anointing of God, it is possible to become spiritually careless. Something else creeps in. Something else almost takes the place of Almighty God or seeks to take the place of Almighty God.

Our spirituality becomes sloppy or casual. We read of this happening in the life of King Saul, the first King of Israel.
We have sought to deal with this in the context of being weaned and being able to eat solid food and no longer sucking only milk at the breast. We learn where to go for spiritual food and spiritual meat and we learn how to behave in the Kingdom of God.

We subtitled Psalm 131 as “Finding our True Selves”, and Psalm 132 could be subtitled “Union with the Lord”.
There is a developing and a progressing and a flowing upwards in Christ Jesus as we contemplate this part of God’s Word. One thing I am seeing clearly is that all this takes time.

Yes, when we come to believe in Jesus, and when we repent of our sins, and when we are baptised in water, and when we are baptised in and filled with the Holy Spirit, there is a fellowshipping with God, but like a little seed in the soil and or young seedling sprouting in hazardous surroundings, it has to be cultivated.

“Union with the Lord” means union with those who belong to the Lord and who are members of the body of Christ. This almost becomes harder and harder as compromise has crept in over these past years.

We have read frequently of how Paul valued the fellowship of believers in Christ Jesus everywhere he travelled.
Now, it might take time. We might have to go through these various steps and stages. It might take time, and yet it needn’t.

In verse 13 and 14 we see clearly that there is a spiritual Zion and a spiritual Jerusalem. Zion is the place where God is and I need to be there too. This is my resting place.

Leaders require the courage to warn people about the dangers regarding becoming spiritually careless, and each of us so needs this type of courageous leadership. We may not want it but we need it.
Sandy Shaw


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