MS WORD 2000 is an essential basic learning to use a computer. Take a look at that tutorial to learn about MS Word 2000.
* Input device Output device Microprocessor
Keyboard Monitor Arithmetic logic unit
Mouse Printer Control unit
Pen drive Plotter Memory unit
Floppy Disk Speaker
Scanner Pen drive
Joystick Flash drive
Track ball Floppy disk
* Application Software: MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint & MS Access.
* System software: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.
* Some important terms
1. RAM: Random Access Memory
2. ROM: Read Only Memory
3. CD: Compact Disk
4. CD-ROM: Compact Disk Read Only Memory
5. AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port
6. VGA: Video Graphics Adapter
7. NIC: Network Interface Card
8. HDD: Hard Disk Drive
9. FDD: Floppy Disk Drive
10. DVD: Digital Video Display
11. CPU: Central Processing Unit
* Keyboard
A-Z: Alphabetic key.
0-9: Numeric key.
Num lock part: Numeric pad.
Backspace: To delete a single character from left side.
Del/Delete: To delete a single character from right side.
Ctrl+ Backspace: To delete a single word from left side.
Ctrl+ Del/Delete: To delete a single word from right side.
Caps lock: On-capital letter, Off-small letter.
Shift+ any character: Capital letter.
Space Bar: To create space between two character and words.
Enter: For going next file.
F1-F12: Function key.
* General rule to execute a program
1. Click on Start menu from task bar.
2. Go to all programs.
3. Click on that program you want to execute.
* Text selection
For a single word selection- Double click.
For a line selection- Ctrl + click.
For a paragraph selection- Click beginning point of the paragraph, keep shift key down, Click on the ending point of the paragraph.
Change case format
1. Sentence case.
2. Upper case.
3. Lower case.
4. Title case.
5. Toggle case.
Change case
1. Select the text or whole document.
2. Click on format menu.
3. Click change case.
4. Click on that case you want to use.
5. Click on OK button.
* Drop cap
1. Select the letter which you want to drop.
2. Click on format menu.
3. Click on drop cap.
4. Click dropped.
5. Give number of lines to be dropped in the box.
6. Give distance from text in the box.
7. Click on OK button.
* Insert symbol
1. Click on insert menu.
2. Click on symbol.
3. Click on that symbol you want to input.
4. Click on insert button.
5. Click on close button.
* Copy text
1. Select the text which you want to copy.
2. Click on edit menu.
3. Click on copy.
* Paste text
1. Click on edit menu.
2. Click on paste.
* Cut or moving text
1. Click on view menu.
2. Click on header & footer.
3. Write down the header text in the header position.
4. For going footer press arrow key from keyboard.
5. Write down the footer in the footer position.
6. Click on close button.
* Adding footnotes
Apply from size list box.


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