At one point in time we knew how to eat healthy. With the introduction of processed, sugary foods and fast food chains, eating became about convenience rather than health. Of course, our chaotic, busy schedules don’t help with this either. Many families spend most of their time in transit, leaving them no choice but to grab something on the go; or so they think. Whether you are traveling for work, running to your kid’s soccer game, or simply trying to rush home from a late night at the office, planning ahead will keep you in better health.

How To Eat Healthy Is Easier

We’ve all heard, and likely used, the “just for this meal”. Honestly, there is no problem with a once in a while fast food stop or sugary treat, but, if you sit back one day or one week, and count how many times you actually say that, you are likely to realize that you are doing it more often than not. It is this, right here, that has caused many people to gain weight, become unhealthy, and is one of the leading causes of obesity today.

One of the tricks, to eating healthy, is to grocery shop smart. Yes, you should buy the right foods, but you also need to buy enough food for the entire week. This does not include just meals, but snacks too. Speaking of snacks, you can manage your weight and health much easier if you eat 5-6 small meals a day rather than 2-3 larger meals. Meals might be a little difficult to manage, which is where the snacks come in. If you focus on eating 3 smaller portioned meals and 2-3 snacks throughout the day, you will have a much higher chance of keeping your metabolism where it needs to be.

If you’re on the go, snacks like yogurt are not going to work. Instead, focus on dehydrated fruits, or grains and nuts; anything that you can pack ahead of time and keep in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. And that is exactly what you want to do. Whenever you leave the house, make sure you pack a few of these long lasting snacks. This way, no matter how long you are gone, you are always prepared. This will help to eliminate the temptation of eating out, and will keep your body fueled for optimal health.

Plan your weekly meals and snacks before you go shopping. Write a grocery list to avoid buying the processed foods that you do not need. Make sure you stick to the outer aisles, of your supermarket where the fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products are found. Stick to your list! Once you get home, prepare your meals for the week. Eating healthy takes a little more preparation, but if you spend the time doing it, it will be worth it. Find a routine that works for you and stick with it. You will find, after just a few short weeks, that you have more energy and confidence simply from changing the way you plan, shop, and eat.


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