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Looking for ways to get free flights? It is still very possible today to get free airline tickets; you just have to know how. Here are 4 things you can do to get free airline tickets.
Not all of these free methods will work for everyone, but if you fall into the categories described you will be very easily flying for free. If you read to the bottom you will find even more helpful information. These will be tips than can help everyone with how to get the lowest possible air fare every time you fly.
Volunteer for Over Booked Flights
Here is a method that works very well today for getting free airfare. When you check in for your flight tell the airline attendant that you volunteer to be bumped if the flight is over booked.
Airlines are notorious for over booking. This is not right or even good for their passengers, but it makes complete sense from a business stand point. The airlines can not afford to have empty seats and they know that every flight will have a certain amount of people that do not show up. To compensate for this they book more flyers for each plane than there are available seats. Usually the get it pretty close. But occasionally more people show up than expected and the airline puts out a request looking for passengers that are willing to take a later flight.
When this happens you are doing the airline a big favor and you will be rewarded. Quite often you will be given a flight voucher that can be redeemed for another flight. You may also be given vouchers for hotels as well.
This technique does not work well if you have a schedule to keep, or a connecting flight. Also, if you plan on doing this make sure you have not checked your bags. If you have just carry on it will make life a lot easier for obvious reasons.
Participate in Frequent Flyer Programs
Many airlines have reward programs for frequent flyers. If you fly the same airline a lot check with them and see if they have a frequent flyers program. Many airlines have this type of a program and encourage their customers to sign up. Loyal customers mean more business and they will reward this loyalty with free airline tickets and free upgrades.
One airline in the domestic US that with a rewards program that comes to mind is Southwest. As of this writing, which could change any time, if you fly just eight round trips in a 24 month period you will receive one free flight.
Look For Bonus Offers When You Make Major Purchases
The next time you are about to make a major purchase on just about any item (an appliance, home, car, time share) be sure to ask if they are offering any incentives.
There are a lot of companies that will include and even advertise free airline tickets with the purchase of their items.
If You Have Good Reason – Complain
Now to get free flights with this suggestion is must be completely legit. There are times when as customers we undergo bad experiences. Most companies want to know when a customer has had a bad experience. That way they can make sure the mistake doesn’t happen to another customer and end up losing valuable business.
The problem is that it takes time and effort to report the problem in the right way. Most people don’t want to put in the effort and eventually let the problem pass, without reporting it.
If you have a genuinely bad experience, explain the situation in a letter, giving as much detail as possible, and send it to the airline. Be polite but in the letter ask for a refund or a voucher for future flight as severance. If it was a really big, or embarrassing problem and they want you back as a customer, the airlines have been known to compensate with flight vouchers. You can also send a copy of the letter to the US Department of Transportation Aviation Customer Protection Division.

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