Make A Music Video By Yourself

Over the recent decades, music videos have evolved from a stage with a singer or band performing on it, to videos that tells a story. These music videos often captivate us, giving a visual representation to the song. It would not be surprising if you would want to come up with your own representation of the song. Hence, this article teaches you how to make a music video.

How to make a music video begins with the song. Assuming you already have a song in mind to be made into a music video, you would need to listen to the song to picture the right type of video style would be suitable. You can visualize the scenes for each part of the song, which brings in the storyboard, where you will sketch your ideas out. You do not need to be a professional sketch artist to do this, as you will be the only one seeing it. Sketch out angles and shots you hope the video camera will capture so that you do not end up spending too much time on set, figuring your sets.

 How To  Make A Professional Music Video

During the video, you will want to play a good recorded version of the song. This is crucial because any mistakes in the song will be detected onto the video camera, which cannot be corrected later on. If the performance is live, you will want your on-camera microphone to be as close as possible to that performance. The further away it is from the performance, the likelihood of it picking up other sounds from that distance. If your microphone cannot be close, use an external microphone. You might want to check out with the technicians backstage on getting the microphone-level feed, which you will need to be equipped with a long cable and some adapters.

When you record, you will want to record a full-length version of the recording. This is so that the song and the singer’s lips will sync in time. Then, repeat the process from different angles. Remember to also shoot scenes of the location if needed. Music videos do not usually focus on the singers alone throughout the video. For live performances, since you cannot record the video over and over again, use different cameras at different angles. You can also record other images that tell the story of the song into the recording.

If there were some technical mistakes during the shooting, do not worry just yet. Try to be creative with them as you may give a unique touch to the video. When you go into post-production, you will be able to make edits, slice scenes and insert different scenes from the many choices of footage. Use video editing software to do this.

Lastly, get second opinions from an audience. You may still be able to work on it before promoting it to the world. Once you have gotten your music video on track, you can begin promoting your music video for the world to see.


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