Are you hoping to generate more buzz for your website? You can get a lot of attention just by leaving blog comments on other people’s blogs. But there is a right way to do this. If done improperly, your comments will be considered as spam and deleted accordingly. So how can you make sure that you succeed at generating buzz? Here is a step by step guide.
Step 1: Only use manual commenting.
Step 2: Read the blog post and current discussion.
Step 3: Leave your comments.
Step 4: Bookmark or subscribe to the blog.
Step 1: Only use manual commenting.
Before you even start, don’t even consider automated blog commenting. Yes, you can automate the process with special software. But the problem with such software is that the comments are often irrelevant to the blog post. And since the same comments are posted on hundreds of blogs, this is considered spamming. If you want your website to remain in good status, do not resort to spamming. Otherwise, you may invoke some kind of penalty from the search engines.
Step 2: Read the blog post and current discussion.
Blog commenting can be fun. So enjoy the process. Pick blogs that offer high quality content, and spend time on the blogs. The most important thing is to read the blog entries. Also, pay attention to what others are saying on the blog post. You should do that because you want your comments to be relevant, which brings us to the next step.
Step 3: Leave your comments.
With an understanding of what the blog entry is about, leave your comments. Make sure that you say something about the content, or you join in the current discussion. The worse kind of comment you can give is “good post” and nothing else. If possible, offer some tips or insights. That way, you are adding value to the blog.
When leaving comments, adopt an informal and personal style. Most blogs are owned by individuals. So being casual is totally acceptable. You are there to make friends. For instance, you can start your comment by addressing the blogger by name.
Step 4: Bookmark or subscribe to the blogs.
After leaving your comments, make sure that you bookmark or subscribe to the blogs. There are a few reasons why you should do this. Firstly, you want to be able to check if your links have been approved. Secondly, you may wish to continue growing the relationship with the bloggers. On the Internet, relationship is everything. So don’t let your efforts go to waste.
If you like, you can download an RSS reader and subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog. Whenever the blogger post a new entry, you will be one of the first to know about it. You may then revisit the blog, read the content, and if you feel like it, post more comments. After you do this a few times, the bloggers will start to know you better and your comments tend to get a higher rate of approval.
Remember, blog commenting is NOT about spamming. People spam blogs purely for SEO reasons. Sure, this method works for SEO. But SEO should be seen as the side benefit. The primary goal is to network with the bloggers. In time to come, the blogosphere will get to know you better.

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