PC Hardware Protection

PC Hardware Protection

A manufacturing facility information system can take 2 to 3 years in the development stage and in several cases eighteen months to 2 years to deploy, so when it is commissioned and completed, they require their investment to be safe and protected from harm so they can have a fast return on expenditure.

Without fortification the computer equipment will indisputably come to harm, as employees on the nighttimes shift may desire to play “computer games” all through their night breaks so they may attempt and run a copy of the game from their home computer on the firm’s networked terminal. Now imagine the challenge if that worker had an infected copy with a virus this could possibly down the network and the consequences would be ridiculous.

A different aspect is that most manufacturing locations have harmful products used in the manufacturing process, these range from acidic chemical compounds to water and airborne debris. Now at first glance these may not be thought as harmful, but imagine if the newly rolled out desktops over a period of 2 or 3 months were open to caustic compounds, these possibly will attack the motherboard of the computer and destroy it!

One thing is for certain, a high degree of safeguard measures are required, this is why most of the enclosures available in the market are graded as either IP56 for dusty areas (also offering splash protection) to IP65 also well-known as NEMA 4X, this is when the enclosure can be washed down with a high pressure water jet machine to clean the area of probable bacteria typically in food processing plants.

Companies constantly upgrade their workplace computer systems and with the replaced machines ponder what to do with them, now this is when some firms look at factory computer systems. Because they want to utilize these out dated machines but they think they are not worth defending, however the computer software that will be installed on them will be costing 1000’s of Euros, so any would-be down time or lost production will cost the business dearly.

The best option is map the project and look at every part of the manufacturing plant as a single part of the plan, this way a corporation will save funds. PC housing is designed to save the hardware from harm as well as safeguarding the data solution from the dangers outside the housing. By looking at each spot in the factory it perhaps will be found that only a tiny number of computer cases are desired but provides the information solution with the utmost protection from unauthorised use as well as the probable dangers in the surrounding area.


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