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The collection code of this museum is MNZ. This museum’s themes and principles mainly describe the culture of this place, diversity that is seen here and the partnership in cultures between Tangata Tiriti and Tangata Whenua.
The ancestor of this museum was actually a colonial museum that was formed in the year 1865. The founder and the director of this colonial museum is the person named James Hector. Then in the year 1930, this museum was taken to another building in the Buckle Street. Then in the year 1992, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Act 1992 established this museum.
However, officially the opening ceremony was held in the year 1998. At that time Dame Sotheran was the museum’s chief executive. As soon as the museum was opened for public view, in the initial 5 months itself it received around 1 million visitors. Looking into the popularity of the museum, in the year 2004 it was given even better space for exhibiting art work of the country. And then it was called, The Museum or Toi Te Papa for Art of the Nation.
In Wellington, this museum is located on the Cable Street. Within that building there are 6 floors and in them there are caf?�, various exhibitions, shops selling gift items and many more. All these strongly exhibited the culture, environment and style of New Zealand. In this museum there are few outdoor areas display too which shows artificial display of caves, forests, wet areas and some bushes. The second building of this museum is at Tory Street. It is a storage area and scientific research area which is not accessible by general public.
The design and architecture of the building museum is amazing. The building is earth quake proof, due to the application of a fresh technology called base isolation. In this museum there are around 25000 items. Out if which 13000 items are historic and unique items, 20000 items are postal stamps and related things and 7000 items are dresses and textiles of the 16th century.

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