WordPress is a popular blog used for personal and business reasons. The plugins described in this article are designed to assist you in optimization, customization, and enhancements for your readers. In this article, I am going introduce and review my top 10 WordPress plugins.
1. All in One SEO Pack – This WordPress plugin is designed to help you optimize your blog. From helping you with title text and descriptions, all the way to keywords and checking for or fixing duplicate content problems, this plugin does it all. Saving you time and money, as well as optimizing your page for the best performance, you can automatically generate what you need, when you need it.
2. Akismet – This plugin for WordPress is designed to help you manage your blogs comments and safeguard against spam. It can detect spam-like comments and queue them until you have the chance to review and delete them, if it is spam. If they are not spam, you can easily move them to another folder for publishing. Spam comments are not unique to the blog world and by managing your comments with this plugin, you can keep your blog looking professional and appealing to your visitors.
3. Feedsmith – This is a great plugin for your blog which allows you to easily track feeds for your blog and receive reports that are accurate and helpful. This can help you in determining which access points are most useful to you, which are not working as well, and give you the opportunity to take action. Feedsmith will automatically redirect people to your feed no matter how they initially access it in the first place.


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