Three of these — Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Sub — are already up for pre-orders around the Amazon India site, while others — Echo Show and Echo Input — are still coming into India early next year. Three other Echo products — Echo Auto, Echo Link, Echo Link Amp — have been also launched but they aren’t coming to India just yet. New Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Input, Echo Plus, and Echo Sub Launched for India
The Echo Dot (3rd generation) has a new cloth end, which is priced at Rs. 4,499. Amazon claims the speaker produces better audio quality compared to its predecessor. Since the purchase price remains unchanged, people who need an Echo Dot can currently purchase the more recent generation product without dishing out more. The Echo Dot is offered in three colors — Charcoal, Heather Gray, and Sandstone. As with the preceding generation Echo Dot, the speaker can be connected to other speaker systems via Bluetooth or a 3.5millimeter cable. Echo Dot can also set with additional Echo speakers to make stereo audio. You can pre-order the Echo Dot now and it’ll go on sale next month.

The new Echo Plus costs Rs. 14,999, which is the same as the preceding generation device. This product is now powered by Dolby using a 3-inch (6.35 cm) neodymium woofer, a 0.8″ (2 cm) tweeter, and is louder than before. Amazon claims the bass is stronger and the sound is clearer on the Echo Plus. Alexa, the smart voice assistant that powers all Echo devices, will also permit you to adjust bass, treble, and midrange via voice commands.

The Echo Plus is available in three colours — Heather, Charcoal Gray, and Sandstone. Echo Plus includes a seven-microphone beamforming range, which cancels background noise so that it can listen to you better. Echo Plus is available for pre-order now and goes on sale next month in India.

Amazon Echo Plus is up for pre-order in Rs. 14,999

The Echo Sub is a sub-woofer that can match any Echo speaker. If you would like to turn your existing Echo speakers into a nice 2.1 speaker installation, the Echo Sub can allow you to do that. It pairs using Echo speakers for a 1.1 speaker setup (one speaker, 1 woofer) or a 2.1 setup (two speakers, 1 woofer). This can allow you to get better audio quality and exactly what Amazon clarified as room-filling noise from your Echo speakers.

During the launching, Amazon demoed the Echo Sub using a set of Echo Plus speakers and the quantity did get loud enough to get a space with approximately 50-100 people. If you purchase this with just two compatible speakers, you can save as much as 25 percent.

Amazon Echo Sub is up for pre-order at Rs. 12,999

Two other devices declared at the Amazon event in Seattle are arriving into India — Echo Show and Echo Input. The Echo Input allows you to turn any speaker into an Alexa-powered speaker. The Echo Input does not have a speaker but it adds a microphone that pops up your existing speaker with Alexa. It’s the lowest priced in the lineup of Echo devices focused on Alexa and will probably be coming to India early next year.

Echo Show is a device with a 10-inch screen that has a decent speaker, front camera, and is connected to Alexa. Consider it as an Echo speaker with a display. The Echo Show will also be coming to India next year, but pricing to your Input and the Show haven’t been declared yet.

The Echo Auto, Echo Link, and Echo Link Amp are 3 interesting products that are not coming into India at this time. Echo Auto allows you to bring Alexa for your vehicle. Amazon says it has an eight-microphone array to be able to obey your commands while you are driving. The big challenge with this item was to capture your commands even when there are distracting sounds in the background such as engine noise, street noise, traffic noise, etc.. This is available at an invite-only cost of $24.99 at this time and Amazon says that the cost increases to $49.99 once the evaluation period is over.

Echo Link Amp includes a 60W 2-channel amplifier, using left-right speaker binding post outputs to support wiring to passive and non-powered speakers, Amazon says. The device will not go on sale before it obtains FCC approval in america, according to the Amazon listing page. Echo Link, which can be awaiting FCC approval, allows you to flow hi-fi audio through your existing setup.


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