New Design, Brand New All In One Gadget

New Design, Brand New All In One Gadget

The new phone is finally here. More technology packed than ever before, it sets new benchmarks for other mobile phones manufacturers that have been overwhelmed by the success of Apple’s phone.

But I guess you’re more interested in the features of the new phone rather than the impact it has on the business world so let me share with you the novelties it brings along.


The new phone is thinner, sleeker and better looking than its predecessors. The stainless steel looks good and refined giving it a more futuristic look. The metal buttons add to the overall feel of sturdiness without dramatically increasing the weight. It is heavier than the phone 3GS by only 0.1 ounces and it feels great in the hand.


But the most obvious improvement is by far the new screen. The “Retina” is a 3.5-inch display which looks absolutely superb, mainly because its pixels are only 78 micrometers wide. It has four times more pixels than the previous version and it is by far the best display I have ever seen on a handheld device. The zoom is flawless and not a single bit of detail is lost in the process.

The “camera system” (as Steve Jobs called it) is comprised of a 5MP capturing device on the back and a VGA one on the front. The image can be shifted between cameras at any time during a video call. Apple calls this “Face Time” and though it has been praised by company officials it is pretty hard to believe it will revolutionize mobile communications or set a trend for other manufacturers to follow. It is undoubtedly a clever feature but it is overshadowed by other technological marvels such as the flawless screen.


The movie is an app that allows complex video editing like nothing I have seen before on a mobile phone. You can trim out a section of a movie, add a musical soundtrack to any clip, and insert pictures in movies and much more. It costs 4, 99$ in the Apple applications store but it is really worth the money.


The phone 4 is a great device with major improvements from the previous versions. Technology-packed but also lookers it will undoubtedly become a favourite amongst geeks and fashion savvy teens alike. A true all in one that surely deserves your attention.


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