The format is different from online data entry jobs, but same skills are required as typing, knowledge of computer, and internet. The typing speed should be 30 to 50 WPM, and you have to type the image file in MS word. The most attractive thing about the job is that, only typing of the text is required, because, there is no need of elements as symbols, tables, equations, and images. The pattern is designed to save time so that you can type at fast speed. Guidance is given by the company for each process including MS word details as font size, style, and page and line margin. The more your work is accepted the more earning you may have with data entry jobs. The only condition of the job is that no short cut is allowed, as you cannot use any software for this purpose.
Once your work is approved you get the payment after a week, or after ten days. The company informs the employee through email about work, and payment status. Different payment sources are available as, bank transfer, PayPal, money gram, or a cheque. The worker is allowed to make his own choice of payment method, which can be updated anytime from ‘my account’ page. Due to this flexibility data entry jobs are getting more popular among the people. Payment method may vary according to the customer or worker, like local or international customer.
There are some companies who provide free data entry jobs, whereas most of the time a registration fee is required to start the work. It can vary according to the plan, but fee for 12 months is a common practice, and it includes various service charges regarding the administration, server, and support through email. You may get the next task once the previous task, and the payment is done. The assignments are mostly issued only on working days as Monday to Friday. Once the registration process is done, you will get the work in 24 or 48 hours, thereby logging into your account.
You can download the work easily, as it takes only a few minutes, if the internet speed is good enough. Download work is mostly available in the form of various sets depending on the package you buy. All work files are provided in a zip form, as otherwise a heavy file will take much of your time to download. You can save work on your computer by unzipping the file. Initially the task CDs were provided by various companies, but due to the risk of late delivery and transport hazards, this method could not be very successful. As, time is the most important aspect of data entry jobs, so both time, and money is saved by downloading work through the internet.

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