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When looking into going on a safari holiday, there are many things that you should take into consideration to ensure that you create the perfect custom tour package to suit your specific needs. This can mean researching different National Parks and Game Reserves, looking into varieties of types of accommodation, selecting the correct tour operator and planning excursions and sightseeing expeditions which appeal to you. To give you a brief introduction to some of the choices available to you when creating a complete safari itinerary, I have put together this guide which should give you some insight into what type of Kenya safari vacation you would like to choose.
Choosing which National Parks or Game Reserve to visit in Kenya
When choosing which destinations you would like to include within your itinerary, it is important to do your research into each location and take a note of any that sound appealing to you and make a note of it for further research. You should also look at a map of Kenya which includes all of the National Parks and Game Reserves so that you can see the distance between parks so that you plan your itinerary wisely to ensure that you are going to make it to the reserves in time to get a chance to do some good game driving.
What types of accommodation are available to me whilst in Kenya?
Authentic camping – If you really want to rough out the safari experience, you can choose to stay in small camps in the bush. This is a cheap option, but it can be a daunting experience being in the bush with only canvas between you and a whole host of predators.
Tented Camps – Many people may think that staying in a tented camp means that you are camping, but it is an entirely different experience to that of camping. First of all the tents usually have a concrete base and are very spacious and luxurious, unlike your common camping tent. There will also be a nice restaurant and bar area that you will visit for your meals and refreshments – no waiting for a camp fire to heat up your pots and pans of food in these places!
Lodges – Staying in a lodge is the ultra luxury option, they are similar to tented camps in terms of facilities, but the buildings are crafted from bricks or wood to create a cosy shack like accommodation.
Selecting a reliable Kenya safari tour operator
There are many different tour operators available to you that can take you on safari. One of the main things to look out for is finding a reliable one which have good reviews and experience in the industry. Selecting a tour operator that is flexible to create custom itineraries and also only offers private safaris is also a necessity to get the most out of your vacation. Not all tour operators will offer private safaris, as some will choose to quote you for shared safaris, which may lower the price, but may also lower the quality of your safari as you are then going to be sharing your safari vehicle and experience with random groups of people, as well as having to use a set itinerary with no room for customisation or detail changes.
Which other excursions are available to me whilst in Kenya?
There are many other things you can do whilst in Kenya other than going on vehicle game drives, here are a few examples to get the ball rolling. Nature walks, or walking safaris, hot air balloon trips, mountain treks and even cultural experiences such as visiting a Masai tribal village.


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