PewDiePie Becomes Biggest YouTube Channel Again, T-Series Trailing by 1.6 Lakh Subscribers

PewDiePie’s subscriber count spiked suddenly after the YouTuber was promoted by 2 YouTube stations with enormous followings. T-Series, not able to keep up with the contributor flow of PewDiePie, is now trailing by just over 160,000 subscribers. This isn’t the first time that T-Series and PewDiePie have swapped areas because the rivalry for world’s most subscribed YouTube channel began seven weeks ago.

After exceeding PewDiePie over 120 days, according to data from Social Blade, and then losing the top spot, T-Series’s most recent reign as the world’s largest YouTube station was eventually going smoothly until March 31. However, after PewDiePie had surrendered the crown Sunday, a fresh wave of support from two YouTube stations — kwebblekop and Philip DeFranco, Kjellberg took back the number one place on April 1. Kwebblekop has over 10 million readers, whereas Philip DeFranco commands over 6 million followers.

Kwebblekop and Philip DeFranco are hardly the first individual YouTubers to support PewDiePie in a bid to stop a company from becoming the largest YouTube channel. The likes of different YouTubers, including MrBeast and Team 10 manhood Justin Roberts, have promoted Kjellberg previously. Other efforts to boost PewDiePie’s subscriber count have comprised someone hacking on printers globally and advocating people to subscribe to PewDiePie.

T-Series chairman Bhushan Kumar, who had intentionally stayed away from the PewDiePie vs T-Series YouTube struggle, too jumped into the fray last month and requested Indian YouTube consumers to encourage the channels and”create India win.”

“We’re on the brink of becoming the world’s largest @YouTube channel.

T-Series might not be the largest YouTube channel anymore, but there doesn’t seem to be some contest for the music label concerning the number of video views. The YouTube channel has handled to get over 66 billion views on the video sharing platform, whereas Establish India, which is now second concerning the video views, only has over 31 million views.

As per the most recent information from YouTube, PewDiePie currently has over 92,464,500 subscribers, whereas T-Series is accounting for 92,304,900 subscribers using a gap of just over 160,000 subscribers between both. With PewDiePie now also leading in the average new subscribers per moment, it remains unclear when T-Series will get the name spot back.


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