Pixel Stand Reportedly Breaks Ambient Display Notifications, Not Showing Photo FrameGoogle’s Pixel 3$71,000 and Pixel 3 XL$83,000 were last month launched at the company’s’Made by Google’ event in New York, as the Newest flagship offerings from the tech giant.
With superior internals along with a glass design, the Pixel 3 array supports charging. However, user reports assert that the Pixel Stand is not working as designed, with two or three significant problems.
To remember, the Pixel Stand has been launched in a price of $79 (approximately Rs. 5,800) in the usa and Rs. 6,900 in India, which is a top price to cover a Qi-based wireless charger. Users have started reporting that the Pixel Stand violates nearby screen notifications on the Pixel 3 series. An account from Android Police suggests that if you set a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL on the wireless charging stand, ambient display notifications won’t look even if you remove it from the rack.

While the telephone will vibrate or sound as usual, it will not show the notification on the OLED panel. Apparently, only a reboot helps restore original settings. However, notifications break the instant you connect it back into the Pixel Stand. The report asserts that Google has confirmed that it is looking into the issue and might release a statement soon.

Separately, certain users are also reporting on a forum thread the Photo framework feature of this Pixel Stand does not operate as planned. Photo frame is just one of the exclusive features that distinguishes the Pixel Stand from the majority of other third-party wireless chargers. The feature essentially creates a slideshow of handpicked photos from Google Photos and plays it 30 minutes following a Pixel 3 is placed on it. A remark on the first thread says a factory reset helped resolve the issue. This leads us to believe that the issue might just be from the smartphone and the setup process instead of the Pixel Stand itself. “You want to use the charging and cable brick that came with the rack to get photo frame. Even using the cable and brick from the 3xl, it will work.

An account from last month had pointed out the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL currently support 10W rapid wireless charging just on the Pixel Stand, while other third party chargers are confined to 5W. Google reported that when other producers follow the organization’s charging protocol, they will be able to improve the limit.


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