Steps To Take After An Accident Of Your Car

Steps To Take After An Accident Of Your Car

There is nothing worse than being involved in a car wreck. It does not matter if it is just a ‘fender bender’ or a roll over; there is that sudden sick feeling to your stomach wondering if someone is hurt and how bad. There are a number of car accident issues that go beyond the first instant that you know something is happening.

With the power of television bad accidents are on the screen almost immediately. What happened, why, how many cars are involved and who was injured or killed is on the screen immediately? Often, when viewing this you just shake your head.

Many times you cannot prevent a collision because of the weather, the other person’s driving, and obstacles in the road or other things. However, there are actions that need to be taken immediately, if at all possible. Let us suppose that it is not a severe crash but there is damage to the car and, apparently, no physical injury.

It is always an excellent idea to carry a throw away camera in your car. If there is even just a ‘fender bender’ take a picture of the damage and the other car’s license plate, exchange driver license numbers and insurance company names with the other driver. Notify your insurance company immediately and give them the information. Let them handle the situation; don’t try to do it yourself.

If it is a bad accident, and you are able, take pictures and again, notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Police will come and there will be information taken regarding license numbers, witnesses and so forth. They will provide this information to the insurance company as well as issue any necessary citations.

Your insurance company is your line of defence where there are car accident issues. That is why you are paying premiums. They have the expertise and legal back up to take care of all areas that are covered in your insurance policy and all interchange of information, as well as any settlement arrangements, should be handled by them.


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