If you write an eBook that you plan to sell online, you’ll probably focus a lot on getting text typed onto the pages. You should also think about giving it a little pizazz by adding images to help break up some of the text. Images add visual stimulation. They allow you to engage your reader and emphasize important points. Images make reading the book more fun and interesting. So go to Google and find images that relate to what you are writing about, or if you know a little bit of Photoshop, you can create your own images.
Let’s talk about how to add images to your eBook using MS Word. If you do not have MS Word, you can use Writer from Open Office; the steps are basically the same. Writer is free to use just go to and download and install it on your computer. The first thing you need to do is find the image you want to use. You can either use the clip art that comes with Word, an image you created or you can use royalty free stock images.
The process of adding images is really quite simple. Just click on the Insert menu. A drop down window will appear (if you’re using Word 2007, the Insert ribbon will appear). In it you will see several options including Picture and Clip Art. Click on Picture and browse around your computer to find the image you want to insert. Once you find it, select it and click the Insert button. Your image will now appear on your document. If you want to use clip art supplied with MS Word, then select Clip Art instead and make your selection from the library of images.
Once the image is inserted you can click on Format to adjust things such as the brightness, contrast, you can add shadow effects, change the position and size, and much more. It’s all pretty simple to do.

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